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I like how all of these 11-17 year olds are just going to school with vampires and werewolves and giant spiders and vicious three-headed dogs in their backyard, yet they need a permission slip with an iron-clad parent/guardian signature to go have a harmless butterbeer at the nearby wizarding village. 

Okay, Hogwarts. Okay.

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The life and adventures of Emma Swan.

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when you see a hot gurl in storybrooke




I really do not understand why on earth did they write Zelena as Regina’s half sister because it didn’t make any difference to their story of Oz and the Wicked Witch. They could’ve just wrote Zelena as poor girl in Oz whose father is abusive because his daughter has the gift of magic so she leaves him and seeks The Wizard’s help who tells her about Rumple so she goes to him and becomes the best student he ever had yet he doesn’t choose her to cast his curse instead he chooses Regina so Zelena gets jealous and envious of Regina and that’s it ! And she also gets even more jealous because Regina because she’s not just Rumple’s favorite, she is also rich and a queen
I, as a very personal opinion, so love the idea of Zelena being Cora’s other daughter and being one of the Mills family and I fangirl so hard about it. But when I think about it seriously, I don’t get it at all, the only thing the show did was the sort of sisterly chatter Regina and Zelena had on the sheriff’s station and Regina offering Regina a second chance that Zelena actually accepted deep inside her, but then what happens ! Rumple came and screwed up everything, he killed Zelena and now she’s gone as soon as she came. The only thing we got from Zelena and Regina being sisters is Zelena’s death became even more heart breaking and painful than if she wasn’t Regina’s sis …AND I AM SO NOT OK WITH THAT X(

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Happy Birthday Helena Bonham Carter (26th May, 1966) 

"If you’re a queen, you’re powerless, so I’d probably demote myself and go shopping."

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Anonymous: I always love villains, and I kinda liked Hook's first appearance, because he was a real fictional villain. Now I don't like him because he is like a real life villain. The one you probably met, the one that can really hurt you. There is people with Hook's behavior in real life. It's okay when fictionals villains get happy endings because they are not real, you rarely meet someone like them in real life but if Hook gets a happy ending, that's bad because you can meet people like him in real life 


Now I don’t like him because he is like a real life villain.

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I love how Cora basically summed up my feelings about Captain Hook in one sentence.

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    It was always Emma comes to town as Savior & meets Mayor Regina.
— Adam Horowitz (via bowloflana)
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I still laugh about Regina’s heart, though. Like, I get that the writers wanted it to be this huge romantic (if terribly literal…but then this is the show that had the Echo Cave “REVEAL YOUR DEEPEST DARKEST SECRET” contrivance because lol what is organic conversation between…

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I can’t tear myself away. Seriously, all the awards to this woman.

To both women; they fed off of each other like crazy in the short amount of time they got to act together.


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Are you kidding me they have the exact same answer and the same reasons don’t tell me they didn’t discuss this at length!!

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Everybody always laughs because I feel so much more comfortable with, like, a giant paper bag on my whole body and paint of my face.”

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Emma seeing Killian in new clothes



Can we talk about the fact that you CS guys used a gif of Emma looking at Regina to make that example? image

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fuck introducing a new villain every season just tell me what’s going on with miss shady bitch blue fairy please and thank you

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But like… What happened to the whole idea of RE-IMAGINING classic stories? Because this is an incredibly literal and cheesy interpretation of Elsa and I am feeling wildly underwhelmed about it.

Like remember when they did things like make Snow a bandit? At this point they might as well run to Toys R Us and buy the rest of them a cheap Disney costume too.

Maybe it’s just the kind of clothes she was stuck with when she got trapped in the urn. Maybe she’s dying to rip them off and put on something else after being stuck in that damn thing for god knows how long. Maybe they’re just running with it right now because it’s iconic at this point, and they need to make sure we know that it’s Elsa without having to spell it out.

I don’t know, man..

Maybe they shouldn’t have leapt into a movie that just came out and stuck to what they were originally doing which was reimagining classics… Which is actually what Frozen already is, a reimagining of the Snow Queen story. Maybe they should have come up with their own Snow Queen story with small nods to the popularity of Frozen instead of putting a completely literal version of Elsa on the show. People managed to grasp who Snow, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, etc were without putting them in an exact copy of their Disney wardrobe.